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Enhanced Enterprise Asset Management.

In a rapidly changing world we have to think and operate differently. By merging the skills and knowledge of seasoned engineers and developers, we find new ways to look at asset management every day. All On Key users benefit from these enhancements.

The Service Request app everybody's been waiting for

Are you looking for that one thing that will take your customer or employee experience to the next level? Then Pragma’s Service Request app is for you.

On Key Action | A RAD platform for asset management

Pragma is continuously investing in R&D and technology to create the necessary capabilities to digitise asset management operations.

Pragma firming up its use of technology | from IIoT sensors to blended learning

Pragma’s R&D and Academy teams have been hard at work to deliver digitally transformed asset management and training services.

Pragma secures investment to develop their next generation Enterprise Asset Management software

Pragma, leading physical asset management and engineering firm, has secured a significant investment to support the development of their...

Maintenance, IoT and industry 4.0

Mario Kuisis of Martec talks about the implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0  and why maintenance professionals need to sit up and take notice.

Investing in data for your organisation's future

We interview Stefan Swanepoel, Pragma’s Enterprise Asset Management Product Manager, to learn more about the importance of data.

Is it the software that is not working or is the business process wrong?

A quick search of the internet for the top reasons that enterprise asset management system (EAMS) implementations fail, reveals a wide range of culprits such as insufficient training...

Pragma mobile app asset to improve maintenance productivity and data velocity

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of our latest mobile application (app). As an extension of On Key, our Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS)...

Pragma's On Key enterprise asset management system assist with linear asset management

Asset owners in industries like oil and gas or roads and utilities have unique asset management requirements and are often left stranded with asset management...

Pragma offers clients secure data storage

Leading physical asset management company, Pragma, offers clients using their On Key Enterprise Asset Management System a safe and secure platform to host their data.

Pragmas On Key analytics reveals staggering statistics on lost man hours

Are you still in the dark about what exactly causes continual stoppages in your production line?

IIoT and the changing face of asset management

MechChem Africa talks to Stefan Swanepoel of enterprise, physical asset management and monitoring specialist, Pragma, about how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is blurring the lines between asset management...

On Key Analytics enabling clients to analyse asset information in a dynamic and flexible manner

On Key 5 is boasting with a brand new reporting module called Analytics. In future, clients will be able to analyse their asset information in a dynamic and ...

Delivering High Performance Apps Field Service Employees Love

Employees expect five-star experiences from their work apps. Our product development team delivers fully native apps that field personnel want to use, while using the language, IDE...

Work Manager app behind the scenes

Latest mobile app development technology. Our development team uses the latest ‘best-in-class’ mobile app development technology available. This powerful technology enables us to deliver...

How will 3D printing change the face of maintenance?

One of the biggest challenges that manufacturers face is to strike the balance between lowering spare part stock costs while ensuring uptime of their production equipment.

Where should you start with Spare Part Demand Forecasts?

Striking the right balance between inventory holding and movement costs while offering competitive service contracts, has long been one of the biggest challenges

Maintenance Work Management – where the rubber hits the road!

Maintenance work management is all about getting the job done at the right time, with the right people, the right parts and material, at the right technical quality and...

Critical Success Factors in EAM System Implementations

EAM system implementations hold various important benefits for an organisation. It provides an integrated system to track and manage assets and a system to manage ...

On Key Work Manager App: Let’s get the job done

After rigorous testing and the completion of a pilot project, our mobile On Key application, called Work Manager is ready for action and has already been...

Asset Register Administration: Four practical considerations

The Asset Register or Asset Tree is the backbone of any Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) or Computerised Maintenance Management System...

On Key tips: Asset Tree functionality

Today, we will look at some tips for the Asset Tree functionality in On Key. Transactions in the Asset Tree have been made easy in On Key 5. You are able to create transactions from the selected node...

Master Data Management

Often in the implementation of software systems, attention to master data is neglected in favour of the transactional data and the processes surrounding that...

Blast from the past: On Key floppy disk, still in action after 19 years

Whether you have a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, constant software updates probably form a daily part of your life...

Deriving value from your EAMS

The recent South African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) conference focused attention to the management of the asset lifecycle...

National retailer upgrades to On Key 5

Recently, Pragma assisted one of South Africa’s biggest FMCG retailers to upgrade their Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Free State stores to On Key 5...

Connectedness for synergy in smart Enterprise Asset Management

Business and technology leaders are bombarded with information about the elements of Industry 4.0. Yet we still lack the understanding and know-how to bring all these elements together in a sound...

Personal mobile technology in asset management

Business leaders worldwide are buying into the concept of transforming their enterprises into digital business by leveraging Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud...

Creating and maintaining an accurate asset register

An organisation’s asset register forms the foundation of its asset management activities. The asset register needs to be accurate and integrated into the...

Is your EAMS ISO 55000 compliant?

A lot has been said and written about ISO 55000, the international standard for asset management since its long awaited release in January 2014...

Managing linear assets

Asset owners in industries like oil and gas, roads and utilities have unique asset management requirements and are often left stranded with asset management software which..

On Key | Service Request Application

It is the perfect solution for asset and facility managers who want to give users the ability to easily request services related to a piece of equipment or facility. This on-demand application ensures that service staff can be alerted of failures or inefficiencies much faster and work can be performed...

On Key | The best of breed EAM system

On Key is purposefully designed to streamline enterprise asset management activities and to provide valuable information for effective decision making.


A modern Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software solution plays a key role in the successful implementation of a comprehensive Asset Management System.

Work Manager Application

The On Key Work Manager Application is the perfect solution for the asset engineer’s demand to have real time data transactions at point of performance.

Asset Care Plan Development

Asset care plan development (ACPD) is the process of developing or improving tactical asset care plans (ACPs) on assets, by following a structured methodology.

Asset Register Management

Organisations can face huge risks when they operate their assets without critical asset information. In many organisations, keeping accurate details associated with physical assets, such as asset...

Work Planning and Control

Maintenance work management is the core of maintenance management. It is where all the plans and strategies become reality; it is where Maintenance and Operations meet face to face.

Material Management

An Effectively run store should have the correct item in the correct quantity and quality, at the correct cost in the correct place at the correct time for the optimal running of a business.

Management Information

Asset management information enables the management team to keep an eye on applicable KPIs, thereby identifying areas of concern and making decisions to improve performance.

On Key Action | Contractor Portal

On Key Action's contractor portal app simplifies the process of managing information of work delivered by various contractors. It does this by providing a single portal where contractors can self-register with their own EAM system credentials in order to receive work assigned to them.

Case Study | Facilities Commercial | Pepkor | On Key Insights

Our client operates more than 4600 retail outlets in Africa, Australia and Poland, and employ close to 44000 people.

On Key Insights | Work Management

The Work Management Analysis App provides you with an overview of how well your business is planning, scheduling and executing maintenance. Watch this video to learn more.

On Key Insights | HSSE Dashboard

The HSSE Logger app enables your entire team to comfortably log potential or actual health, safety, security and environmental events, while your management team tracks, trends and accurately reports on HSSE risks as it relates to your business.

Case Study | Mining and Minerals Quarries | PPC | On Key Strategic Partnership

Louis Fouche, PPC Asset Care Manager, takes us on a journey when the partnership started with training to implementation of On Key 5.

Case Study | Mining and Minerals Quarries | PPC | On Key Strategic Partnership Overview

At Pragma, we believe in partnerships and our journey with PPC has been integral in the growth and improvement of the On Key EAMS.

Case Study | Mining and Minerals Quarries | PPC | On Key Scheduling Work

Pieter van den Heever, PPC’s Mechanical Foreman, explains how the On Key system helps him with plant maintenance, job allocation, planning and scheduling on a daily basis.

Case Study | Mining and Minerals Quarries | PPC | On Key Reporting

The On Key EAMS plays a crucial role in how managers manage KPI’s such as cost control, high plant reliability, people and resource management, safety and continuous plant improvement.

Case Study | Mining and Minerals Quarries | PPC | On Key Planning

Our strategic EAM partner PPC, De Hoek, has been using On Key for many years, in this video, we hear how it has added value to their maintenance planning and scheduling for the plant.

On Key Action | Field Engineering

The Field Engineering App simplifies and optimizes the process of onsite field inspections. Field engineers can login to the app to view the list of field inspections which need to be carried out by them.

On Key Insights | Scheduled Reporting

On Key Insights Reporting allows you to scale your business intelligence to an enterprise level with scheduled static reporting.

On Key EAMS | Spare Parts Planning

On Key EAMS facilitates the process of planning and processing of MRO spare parts. Spare parts can be categorized in On Key together with the relevant storage and supplier information which is used to support MRO item stock holding

On Key Insights | Asset Reliability

The Asset Reliability and Health analysis app provides you with an overview of the reliability and maintainability of your assets.

On Key EAMS | Scheduling and Execution

Manage the complete work planning and control process with On Key EAMS. From the identification and planning of preventive and reactive maintenance, through work execution, to feedback, review, close out and update maintenance plans.

On Key Connect | Utilities

Use On Key Connect to connect all your utilities to your enterprise asset management or facilities management landscape.

On Key EAMS | Asset System of Record

On Key EAMS is designed to be your asset system of record. Use On Key EAMS to create and manage your asset register.

On Key Connect | Oil Filled Transformer

At the heart of most industrial and commercial operations is a power source that is dependent on a transformer. On Key Connect uses a set of technologies to help organizations continuously monitor the health of oil-filled transformers.

On Key Action | Service Request App

The Service Request App allows anyone to contribute to the enterprise asset management or facility management objectives of an organization by allowing users to log service requests.

On Key Action | Facilities Management Assistant App

Make it easy and accessible for your employees to log service requests for maintenance in your buildings.

On Key Connect | Creating smart facilities using IoT technologies

It is much easier to connect facilities with smart technologies, than most FM managers think.

On Key Insights | Improving facility efficiencies using fact based information

A facilities manager cannot effectively manage a facility without the correct information at the time that he needs to make a decision.

1. What is the On Key Enterprise Asset Management system?

The On Key Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system is a best of breed, specialised tool developed specifically to maximise asset availability, performance while minimising risk and maintenance and operations costs. Since 1994, On Key has been designed and maintained by asset management professionals for asset management professionals  ensuring that the tool intuitive and fit for purpose in maintaining your assets.

On Key is designed for the asset-intensive market where the focus is on ensuring maximum asset availability. On Key is in use at utilities (water and power), facilities – from retail shopping centres to hospitals and health care centres, mines – open cast and underground, large manufacturing operations and the smaller fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) operations.

On Key is used in the management of assets used by multiple process scenarios. The unique ability to capture asset data in a parent, child relationship with a cross reference to a physical location description and GIS multi-dimensional data, places On Key as a leading tool with the ability to be able to represent the data in a manner suitable for your organisation.

  • Standardisation: The On Key system has an innovative way of managing your portfolio of assets in a way that minimises the configuration changes to apply changes throughout the system to assets of similar characteristics.
  • Work management: Recording the breakdowns and reactionary work, implementing the preventative tasks, executing the project tasks or just ensuring that the health, safety, environment and statutory tasks are executed; these are effectively and efficiently done with On Key.
  • Resource planning and scheduling: Through On Key you will ensure that the correct spares, most competent technician or contractor and the appropriate tools for the work are effectively planned and scheduled.
  • Real-time feedback: The use of mobile technology with the On Key system enables you to determine which contractors meet service levels, what is the effective wrench time of your technicians, real-time updates to the Contact Centre as to when the tradesperson arrived on site and exactly when the work was completed and signed off by the client.
  • Inventory management: By linking the consumption of spare parts to the work order On Key gives you accurate material consumption of the maintenance activities in addition to being able to configure minimum reorder levels and economical reorder quantities.
  • Reliability centred maintenance task development: Use of work order feedback from breakdown and adhoc work activities is used in the identification of typical failure modes and root causes of the failure, enabling you to be able to develop appropriate tasks that will improve the reliability of your assets.
  • Flexible reporting solutions: From the use of a built-in self-help wizard to develop adhoc custom reports for the extraction of information from the system, On Key is also shipped with a suite of standard reports that can be used to managed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and through On Key Analytics users are able to analyse trends in the data empowering them to utilise those trends for focused improvement activities.

On Key has been developed for scalability, the software has been designed with multi-currency, multilanguage on multiple sites in mind. Configuration standards are set on a global level and can be customised for use based on the characteristic of a single site. Multiple roles can be set-up with user rights that apply across multiple sites or limited to specific sites and specific transactions.

  • The On Key system is designed to be modular and we believe that every employee in your business should be able to log work requests or interact with the asset management system in some capacity – so we don’t licence the number of users on the system. We licence the number assets reflected in the system and the modules that you elect to use.
  • The core of the system is the Asset Register, which includes the multi-currency functionality and the asset standardisation functionality. The most popular module to be added to the asset register is the Maintenance Manager module, which manages the work assignments, planning, scheduling and failure analysis. Other modules that can be added are the mobile applications, FMEA based asset task development (ACPD) functionality, spare parts and engineering materials management (Material Manager) functionality and the production management (OEE) functionality.

The On Key system is a web-based system that uses the Microsoft Silverlight functionality to give powerful system interface. Our pricing structures are flexible according to your requirements and as your business grows and you asset management systems mature additional modules that enable your continued growth can be seamlessly added. Our software hosting platform included with our standard pricing means that you don’t need to be concerned with the ICT infrastructure requirements for the system. The use of web-services between On Key and your legacy systems or ERP systems means that integration is still possible from our hosting platform. In short, we remove the hassle of system management so that you can focus on asset management.

On Key is accessible directly from your Internet Explorer 11 browser, simply type the URL address, provided to you by our Contact Centre, into your address bar and On Key will load quickly in your browser screen.

Yes, our On Key mobile solutions can be enabled for use by contractors and/or technicians. Designed so that only the work that needs to be executed by that specific resource appears on the device, your technicians/contractors will quickly and easily determine what work needs to be completed next. Automatic status change updates between the mobile device and the main On Key system ensures that your Contact Centre is able to determine the exact status of the work significantly shortening the feedback time to stakeholders.

On Key is scalable to the smallest clients and few have a need for less than 300 registered assets.

Yes, the On Key system has a Materials Management module that enables you to set-up your stores and track the use and costs of spares per asset. The module includes standard functionality for stock takes, stock revaluations, variance tracking, etc. Features such as criticality tracking, minimum re-order quantity settings and maximum stock levels all assist in keeping the costs of holding stock to a minimum.

Yes, the On Key system has a Production Management module that enables you to track the production and downtime associated with your assets. Designed to be able to collect data from operator log sheets or from your equipment OEM machine monitoring system, On Key can be configured to reflect the downtime reasons that are preventing your operations from achieving their full potential.

Safety and statutory inspections can be loaded into the On Key system to be triggered according to calendar interval or based upon usage or both. Work Order and task prioritisation calculations by the On Key system can be configured to ensure that most critical tasks receive the highest attention and don’t get lost in the mundane work of less importance.

On Key is designed to support the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) approach to maintenance task optimisation. Criticality analysis criteria can set-up to look at various risk scenarios in your business and depending upon the probability and consequences of failure the criticality of your assets can be determined and ranked. Then the FMEA module enables you to look at mode of failure, root cause and maintenance or inspection task per component that can be utilised minimise the risk of failure.

Pragma has an ASP service and will host your database and application for you so that you have no hardware requirements on the server side.

On Key requires the following software to be installed for use on desktop or laptop PCs:

  • Windows XP SP 3 or Windows Vista SP 1/2 or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit1).
  • Internet Explorer 72 or later with the latest Silverlight 5 Plug-in.
  • 1 64-bit support only for Internet Explorer 9.
  • 2 Silverlight 5 also supports Firefox 3.6+ and Chrome 12+ but we have not done any testing on these browsers. Refer to Silverlight 5 System Requirements for the full compatibility specification.

On Key Express requires the following software to be installed for use on tablet devices:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional (32-bit or 64-bit1).
  • Internet Explorer 72 or later with the latest Silverlight 5 Plug-in.

Also refer to the document ‘Using Windows 7 Professional on a Slate PC’ for tips on optimising the touch
experience on Windows 7.

On Key Express requires the following software to be installed for use on desktop or laptop PCs:

  • Windows XP SP 3 or Windows Vista SP 1/2 or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit1).
  • Internet Explorer 72 or later with the latest Silverlight 5 Plug-in.

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