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Purposeful functional design, scalability, unlimited language and currency options and time zone independency make On Key one of the world's most versatile EAM systems, able to meet the unique requirements of all asset owners.

Case Study | Mining and Minerals Quarries | PPC | On Key Strategic Partnership

Louis Fouche, PPC Asset Care Manager, takes us on a journey when the partnership started with training to implementation of On Key 5.

Case Study | Mining and Minerals Quarries | PPC | On Key Strategic Partnership Overview

At Pragma, we believe in partnerships and our journey with PPC has been integral in the growth and improvement of the On Key EAMS.

Case Study | Mining and Minerals Quarries | PPC | On Key Scheduling Work

Pieter van den Heever, PPC’s Mechanical Foreman, explains how the On Key system helps him with plant maintenance, job allocation, planning and scheduling on a daily basis.

Case Study | Mining and Minerals Quarries | PPC | On Key Reporting

The On Key EAMS plays a crucial role in how managers manage KPI’s such as cost control, high plant reliability, people and resource management, safety and continuous plant improvement.

Case Study | Mining and Minerals Quarries | PPC | On Key Planning

Our strategic EAM partner PPC, De Hoek, has been using On Key for many years, in this video, we hear how it has added value to their maintenance planning and scheduling for the plant.

Facilities Management Commercial Property

Our client is a market conduct authority which performs various functions to enhance the efficiency and integrity of financial markets.

Engineering Services | Client Support Dashboard and Notification Interface

Our client develops, maintains and monitors integrations between various source systems on behalf of their clients. These integrations form an integral part of their clients’ operations, and the successful transfer of data between the different systems is crucial to their reputation.

Manganese Metal Co

MMC noticed that their personnel use their mobile phones extensively to access their daily reports. With most of their other reports embedded into the body of the email, the reports sent as attachments were less efficient for mobile usage.

OEM | Packaging

Our client is a global privately owned packaging equipment manufacturer. The company has more than 8500 filling lines in operation, supports 66000 processing units in operation and manufactures more than 170 billion packages/year through their worldwide client base.


Meyn is the world leader in poultry processing solutions. Their knowledge, equipment, systems and services are available all over the world.

Nelson Mandela Bay

In February 2008 Pragma Africa was engaged by Nelson Mandela Bay Electricity to establish a central Asset Care Centre (ACC). The initial activity involved the assessment of the departments Asset Management maturity.


With the amalgamation of the nine previous municipalities into Ekurhuleni, each having an own identity, historic culture and manner of working, standardisation and common practices were called for.

Delmas Coal

With the surge in demand for coal, the mine became viable again for at least the next 10 years and this required a change in maintenance strategy to ensure optimal asset performance over this period.

ASA Metals

In order to achieve its vision to improve infrastructure availability and reliability, ASA Metals initiated a project to align its asset management (AM) practices in all departments and to integrate costs into their EAMS.

South Deep Gold Mine

The biggest challenges Pragma faced were the logistical problems associated with communication in deep level mining and in the high security gold plant.

Phola Coal

Adapting to new asset management principles and standards: The major challenge during implementation was changing the mindset of the maintenance crew, especially the artisans, on completing the work

Kenmare Resources

Kenmare Resources plc has been a mining and exploration company since 1972. The company is a member of the FTSE 250 Index and has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and a secondary listing on the Irish Stock Exchange.

Manufacturing | Bottling /Canning

Our client is one of the top 100 companies in the Middle East with plants in several countries in this region. They bottle and can soft drinks using packaging machines from Tetrapak, Cidel and Krones.

Manufacturing | Printing

Our client offers one of the most comprehensive commercial printing operations and has more than 100 years’ experience in South Africa. They have a network of 10 specialised printing plants nationally.

Manufacturing | Seafood

Our client produces upmarket seafood at the most southern tip of Africa. The products are farmed on various sites around Hermanus, South Africa.


Corobrik (Pty) Ltd was established in Durban in 1902. Utilising its expertise gained over more than 111 years in the brick business, superior technology, manufacturing practices, distribution network and logistic capabilities.


Afripack is one of the largest independent packaging suppliers in South Africa and has successfully operated in the flexible-packaging markets for over 75 years.

Aujan Industries - Interfacing and reports

Aujan Industries is a leading supplier of canned and bottled products. They manufacture, market and distribute a wide range of proprietary brands throughout the Middle East and beyond.

Meadow Feeds

Meadow Feeds is regarded as the market leader in the southern African animal feed industry. The company produces a variety of specialised diets and custom feed mixes for the poultry, dairy, ostrich and swine industries.

Sayga Flour Mills

Sayga is Sudan's premier food company and one of the country's most dynamic and successful organizations. Sayga is well positioned to be Sudan's first regional food company and partner of choice.


Venture is an ‘art to part’ engineering, tooling and plastic supplier. They have a global footprint in the developing world with plants in South Africa, India, China and Australia. Venture Rosslyn supplies services like injection moulding (Thermo, 2K, Gas Assisted)


Voermol Feeds manufactures a wide range of quality veld supplements that meet the requirements of grazing animals under almost all conditions, including: Maintenance Licks, Mineral Licks, Transitional Licks, Production Licks and Energy Licks.

Life Healthcare

On Key has been implemented at more than 50 Life Healthcare hospitals across South Africa and Botswana as the preferred asset management system during 2006-8.


Shell contracted Pragma to run their Facilities Management Centre (FMC) to manage the 100+ contractors, suppliers and consultants who render maintenance and refurbishment tasks/projects for Shell Retail sites in South Africa.


TalaniQuantity Surveyors provides an independent, professional property and construction cost advice service to built environment clients through the professional business of quantity surveying.

Shell (FMC)

The Shell Facilities Management Centre (FMC) manages more than 100 contractors, suppliers and consultants to render maintenance and refurbishment tasks/projects for Shell Retail sites in South Africa.

C & D Foods

From a finance perspective, Pragma allows analysis of maintenance spends per asset, real-time inventory management and fast reporting capability.

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