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Asset performance management in real time

On Key’s Performance Manager lets you analyse the underlying causes of asset downtime and performance losses, access production figures and calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness and plant performance of your facility, fast.

Performance Manager

Do you find it difficult to track, analyse and tend to the essentials that keep your assets going?

With our Performance Manager, you can drill down into the detail of equipment performance, production quality and resource productivity to gain a clear understanding of the state of your operations to apply corrective measures in support of maintenance efficiency.

Log Sheets

  • Collect the information needed to calculate and analyse your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Overall Plant Performance (OPP) by capturing offline log sheets
  • Entry of logsheet data can be automated to be imported into On Key at the end of each shift.

  • Keep track of the asset failures that cause your assets to become unavailable, stationary, or inactive
  • Keep track of the asset failures that cause your assets to operate at reduced performance, or negatively impact on your assets’ ability to deliver the expected level of quality

  • Know which assets are producing which products, and in which quantities they are being produced

  • Know when your assets are operating and the staff members who are operating them by defining shifts and asset user lists