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Effective resource allocation - labour, spares and contractors

Our Maintenance Manager automates work allocation to ensure that specific tasks are earmarked to the right trades at the most suitable time. This way you know that your assets are up and running during peak times when needed most

Maintenance Manager

Can your EAM system enable service level agreements (SLAs)?

With On Key, you're able to enforce SLAs with staff, contractors and field engineers through pre-defined rules according to your asset type, criticality and time. The system automatically tracks the time across different time zones and triggers email and SMS notifications when service levels are compromised.
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Work Requests

  • Manage requests for non-tactical asset maintenance by logging asset failure incidents and work requests

  • Easily log, assign and monitor work instructions by using comprehensive electronic work orders that describe the work required, specific procedures to be followed, work priority, due dates, responsible section, trade, and the staff members, labour, spare parts and special resources required
  • Capture comprehensive work order feedback at the task level, including the work performed, labour hours spent, and spare parts used
  • Perform comprehensive asset performance analysis by linking work orders to specific asset downtimes
  • Keep track of the labour, contractor, spare part, and travel expenses associated with work orders by performing work order costing analysis
  • Prevent duplicate work order creation (in environments where work orders are reported and logged by multiple people) by viewing an asset’s recent work order history
  • Define a work order prioritisation structure that makes sense in your environment by creating custom work order importance levels
  • Keep track of each work order’s status by customising work order statuses

  • Get an insight into upcoming tactical maintenance work by generating a list of proposed work orders based on your assets’ maintenance plans
  • Ensure that only the required maintenance work is assigned, and eliminate duplication of effort by managing duplicate tasks that may be present in the backlog
  • Automatically calculate work priority using built-in algorithms that take into account a customisable weighting system and your asset, work order, and task importance levels
  • Facilitate effective maintenance planning by defining all resources required to perform each task, such as spares, special equipment, permits, competencies and tools
  • Allocate specific time periods for maintenance activities by creating scheduling events and specifying the available trades and staff members, along with their capacities
  • Simplify work order scheduling by automatically assigning work to the most appropriate trade in a scheduling event, based on work priority and trade capacity
  • Ensure that the right people do the right jobs at the right time by allocating maintenance tasks to specific staff members for execution on specific dates according to their skills and availability
  • Keep track of staff member work assignments and asset availability using dynamic calendars that automatically update as you plan and schedule maintenance work

  • Perfect your proactive maintenance tactics and keep track of asset wear and tear by linking monitoring points to your assets and taking regular point readings
  • Receive instant notifications about assets that are not operating optimally by setting up alarms and linking them to specific asset monitoring points

  • Measure, monitor, and manage service response times by defining custom, time zone-aware service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Simplified WO feedback mechanism
  • Easy to train users and deploy application because of simplicity
  • Customisable to only expose relevant tabs, headings, labels and fields as well as layout of screens and branding
  • Adhere to all On Key business rules
  • Fully translatable
  • Online and offline capability
  • Functional on a Windows tablet
  • Camera Integration – provides the option to take, edit and share images for the purpose of work order management and feedback.

  • Generate automated email or SMS messages by setting up custom notification triggers based on work order status changes, SLA limits, asset monitoring point alarms, and feedback or service evaluation requirements
  • Create custom email and SMS notifications by defining reusable templates that get dynamically populated with specific information before being sent