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On Key’s Asset Type Tree categorises asset features, criticality data and tasks by asset type. When adding a new asset to your asset register, it is only linked to the relevant asset type and inherits the preconfigured data automatically

Asset Register

Is the management of your asset register a taxing, labour intensive process?

On Key makes it easy to maintain an accurate, multi-site and multi-level asset register. Intelligent configuration cuts duplication of data and speeds up the rollout of maintenance plans.
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Asset Tree

  • Get a handle on the assets your company uses to achieve its goals. A hierarchical structure simulates your real-world environment.

  • Simplify your asset register rollout procedures and minimise asset configuration by defining reusable building blocks that can be used as templates to create assets with a common structure
  • Automatically roll out asset maintenance and configuration changes to all assets of a specific type using intelligent inheritance

  • Rate and prioritise your assets according to their criticality in your environment
  • Know where your assets are by associating them with GPS coordinates
  • Keep track of capital expenditure associated with asset acquisitions

  • Ease the configuration and rollout of complex machine layout options for high-configuration assets using option catalogues and predefined rules