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On Key | The connected Enterprise Asset Management Platform

Designed by engineers for engineers, On Key is an agile enterprise asset management system (EAMS) used by global organisations across various industries.

Adaptive to your business needs, On Key, at its core, remains the system of record for all your asset and maintenance management processes. The difference lies in its ability to connect with intelligent assets, knowledge workers and decision-makers to form a holistic asset management system and integrate seamlessly with other enterprise systems.

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Improve your business with data-driven decisions

Decisions are only as good as the info it is based on. Start leveraging reliable information, based on asset management best practices to understand your:

  • Statutory compliance risk profile
  • Team’s work expenditure patterns
  • Team’s behaviour
  • Challenges and impact of your improvement plans.

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Connecting your workforce and simplifying their work

Optimise, automate and simplify your maintenance activities with a set of focused asset and facility management apps that your people or contractors love to use.

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Integrate with the rest of your business

Are you worried about the integration of On Key with the rest of your organisation’s systems? Empower your engineers and facilities teams with the software they need without concern. We offer standardised system-to-system integration solutions that include monitoring and maintenance.

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Get true digital twins with connected physical assets

Edge processing and the ability to transfer data to a cloud platform and achieving real-time visualisation plays an important role in creating an accurate digital twin. On Key Connect makes the digital twin possible. Are you ready for the new era in physical asset management?

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On Key EAMS supports the smooth running of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Pragma recently secured Table Mountain Aerial Cableway as a new On Key EAMS client.

“We are honoured to partner with Table Mountain Aerial Cableway’s technical team. We aim to help them ensure that their operation remains in tiptop condition to safely glide up and down the iconic Table Mountain, providing tourists with a memorable experience,” says Jean Goussard, Solutions Engineer at Pragma.